2011 Honeynet Project Security Workshop - Paris

In 2011, we held our Honeynet Project Security Workshop in Paris, France, hosted by our friends ESIEA. This was the first time we opened up one day of our annual workshop to the public. Thanks to our excellent hosts and Julia Cheng from our Taiwan Chapter all went very smoothly and we had an excellent day.

The workshop brought together experts in the field of information security from around the world to share the latest advances in security research. Our members covered topics such as new honeyclients, mobile malware, new reversing techniques, VOIP attacks and even social behavior of attackers. And besides the presentation, Felix Leder and Mark Schloesser from our Giraffe chapter and Guillaume Arcas from our French chapter put up some hands on exercises that allowed participants to test their skillz.

For those who were not able to participate, we are making the slides and videos (where available) below. If you enjoyed the talks and want to support us in hosting a public workshop in 2012, please consider donating.


Session 1 - Opening & Introduction

  1. Introduction of the Honeynet Project - Christian Seifert, CEO
  2. R&D Overview of the Honeynet Project - David Watson, CRO

Session 2 - Combating the Ever-Evolving Malware

  1. Efficient analysis of malicious bytecode line peed shellcode detection and fast sandboxing - Georg '0xff' Wicherski, McAfee
  2. High-performance packet sniffing - Tillmann Werner, Kaspersky Lab
  3. Reversing android malware - Mahmud Ab Rahman, MyCERT

Session 3 - The White Hat's Tool Box

  1. An Introduction to Honeyclient Technologies - Christian Seifert, Bing & Angelo Dell'Aera, Security Reply
  2. Status QuO on VoIP attacks and tools - Sjur Usken, Norway Chapter & Ben Reardon, Australia Chapter
  3. Glastopf - Looking for trouble - Lukas Rist, Chicago Chapter

Session 4 - Secure Cyber Security Community

  1. Understanding the Social Behaviors of Cyber Attackers On and Off-Line - Tom Holt & Max Kilger, Spartan Devils Chapter
  2. Challenges With Evaluating the Ethics of Computer Security Research Activities - Dave Dittrich, University of Washington
  3. Spy vs Spy - Lance James, Vigilant, LLC
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