Argus and Ragator

bash-2.05b$ pkg_info argus
Information for argus-2.0.5:

Comment:the network Audit Record Generation and Utilization System

Welcome to the Argus Open Project, home of Argus, the network Audit
Record Generation and Utilization System.  The Argus Open Project is
focused on developing network activity audit strategies that can do real
work for the network architect, administrator and network user.

Argus is a fixed-model Real Time Flow Monitor designed to track and
report on the status and performance of all network transactions seen
in a data network traffic stream. Argus provides a common data format
for reporting flow metrics such as connectivity, capacity, demand,
loss, delay, and jitter on a per transaction basis. The record format that
Argus uses is flexible and extensible, supporting generic flow identifiers
and metrics, as well as application/protocol specific information.


Note: argus is not part of the NetBSD package collection, it is a local addition.

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