Scan of the month 26


The National Digital certification Agency - Tunisia

Agence Nationale de Certification Electronique - Tunisie

ANCE submission


Network Security Team :

Table of Content



Technical Analysis

The Challenge:

In SotM 24 your mission was to analyze a floppy disk recovered from the drug dealer Joe Jacobs. In this new challenge, your mission is to analyze the floppy recovered from his computer savy supplier, Jimmy Jungle. Once again, you will need to read the police report before continuing. Just as in the last challenge, this situation is fictional, and not based on any real characters or incidents.


  1. Who is the probable supplier of drugs to Jimmy Jungle?
  2. What is the mailing address of Jimmy Jungle's probable drug supplier?
  3. What is the exact location in which Jimmy Jungle received the drugs?
  4. Where is Jimmy Jungle currently hiding?
  5. What kind of car is Jimmy Jungle driving?

Bonus Question:

Explain the process that was performed so that there were no entries in the root directory and File Allocation Table (FAT), yet the contents of each file remained in the data area?"