As a result of the information collected from the previous floppy disk, Jimmy Jungle was identified as the probable supplier of marijuana to Joe Jacobs. Jungle's address was also identified within the findings. Jacobs was again detained and offered the option to plead guilty to a single lesser charge in exchange for reliable information about his supplier of marijuana. Without knowing what police had already found on his disk, Jacobs agreed to plead guilty to the lesser charge and in turn provided police with the name and address of his marijuana supplier. The information Jacob's provided and the findings from SotM 24 matched exactly. Jacobs also noted that he missed a scheduled face-to-face meeting with Jungle because his arrest occurred on the same day. Since his arrest, Jacobs has had no contact with Jungle and fears Jungle may have become suspicious as a result of their missed meeting. Jacobs also noted that Jungle is fairly computer savvy and any "alterations" made on his disk were a result of Jungle walking him through step-by-step.

Once again the police need your help. Armed with the necessary search warrants, police raided suspect Jimmy Jungle residence. Upon entering the residence, police found no indications that anyone currently occupied the house. There was no furniture, clothing beds, etc. However, there was a single floppy diskette lying on the floor in the only upstairs bedroom, was written on the outside of the disk.

The police have imaged the floppy disk found on the floor and have provided you with a copy. They would like you to examine the floppy disk and provide them with as much information as possible. Afraid Jungle is on the run and has been tipped off, police would like to obtain as much information about him as soon as possible. Please provide the police with a strong case consisting of your specific findings related to the questions, where the findings are located on the disk, processes and techniques used, and any actions that the suspect may have taken to intentionally delete, hide and/or alter data on the floppy disk. Good Luck!

Any names, locations, and situations presented are completely made up. Any resemblance to any name, locations and/or situation is purely coincidence.