Honeynet Project
Scan of the Month 24


Setup and Image Verification

Image.zip was downloaded from honeynet and hashed using the MD5 algorithm in Linux. The hash value listed on the website and the hash value generated after image.zip was downloaded matched.

A single 1.44-megabyte high-density floppy disk was then  wiped and scanned for viruses to ensure that there was no malicious code on the disk. From there, the disk was previewed in a read-only mode to ensure that there were no bytes of data remaining on the disk.

Once the disk was ready for use, the image.zip file was uncompressed and fully extracted out to the disk. The disk was then write-locked to protect against accidental or unintentional writes. 

The disk was then hashed using both the MD5 hash algorithm found in Linux and with EnCase®. Both hash values matched.

MD5 Hash Results