The scenario is:


Joe Jacobs, 28, was arrested yesterday on charges of selling illegal drugs to high school students. A local police officer posed as a high school student was approached by Jacobs in the parking lot of Smith Hill High School. Jacobs asked the undercover cop if he would like to buy some marijuana. Before the undercover cop could answer, Jacobs pulled some out of his pocket and showed it to the officer. Jacobs said to the officer "Look at this stuff, Colombians couldn't grow it better! My supplier not only sells it direct to me, he grows it himself."


Jacobs has been seen on numerous occasions hanging out at various local high school parking lots around 2:30pm, the time school usually ends for the day. School officials from multiple high schools have called the police regarding Jacobs' presence at their school and noted an increase in drug use among students, since his arrival.


The police need your help. They want to try and determine if Joe Jacobs has been selling drugs to students at other schools besides Smith Hill. The problem is no students will come forward and help the police. Based on Joe's comment regarding the Colombians, the police are interested in finding Joe Jacob's supplier/producer of marijuana.


Jacobs has denied selling drugs at any other school besides Smith Hill and refuses to provide the police with the name of his drug supplier/producer. Jacobs also refuses to validate the statement that he made to the undercover officer right before his arrest. Upon issuing a search warrant and searching of the suspect's house the police were able to obtain a small amount of marijuana. The police also seized a single floppy disk, but no computer and/or other media was present in the house.


The police have imaged the suspect's floppy disk and have provided you with a copy. They would like you to examine the floppy disk and provide answers to the following questions. The police would like you to pay special attention to any information that might prove that Joe Jacobs was in fact selling drugs at other high schools besides Smith Hill. They would also like you to try and determine if possible who Joe Jacob's supplier is.


Jacob's posted bail set at $10,000.00. Afraid he may skip town, the police would like to get him locked up as soon as possible. To do so, the police have asked that you have the results fully completed and submitted by October 25, 2002. Please provide the police with a strong case consisting of your specific findings related to the questions, where the findings are located on the disk, processes and techniques used, and any actions that the suspect may have taken to intentionally delete, hide and/or alter data on the floppy disk. Good Luck!


Any names, locations, and situations presented are completely made up. Any resemblance to any name, locations and/or situation is purely coincidence.