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This month's challenge is a little different. Sponsored by the folks from Digital Forensic Research WorkShop, they have created a fictional situation, where your job is to analyze forensic evidence. All submissions are due no later then 23:00 EST, Friday, 25 October. Results will be released Friday, 01 November.

Skill Level: Intermediate

The Challenge:
The folks from Digital Forensic Research WorkShop have created a unique challenge for you. Your mission is to analyze a recovered floppy and answer the questions below. What makes this challenge unique, you will need to read the police report before continuing your challenge. Just like an investigation in the real world, you will have some background information and some evidence, but its up to you and your technical skills to dig up the answers. Below is the dd image of the recovered floppy. This is the image that will provide you the answers, providing you can 'extract' the data.

Download: MD5 = b676147f63923e1f428131d59b1d6a72 ( )

Make sure you check the MD5 checksum of your download before you unzip it.

You can find all the criteria for judging and rules at the SotM main page.

  1. Who is Joe Jacob's supplier of marijuana and what is the address listed for the supplier?
  2. What crucial data is available within the coverpage.jpg file and why is this data crucial?
  3. What (if any) other high schools besides Smith Hill does Joe Jacobs frequent?
  4. For each file, what processes were taken by the suspect to mask them from others?
  5. What processes did you (the investigator) use to successfully examine the entire contents of each file?
  6. Bonus Question:

  7. What Microsoft program was used to create the Cover Page file. What is your proof (Proof is the key to getting this question right, not just making a guess).
Some URLs to help you out The Results:
This months challenge questions, judging and team write-up are done by the Digital Forensic Research WorkShop. Also, Honeynet member Brian Carrier detailed how he analyzed the floppy image using his OpenSource forensics tool, TASK.

Daniel J. Kalil, DFRWS
Brian Carrier

Writeup from the Security Community
We received over 90 submissions for the challenge, by far the most we have ever received! After judging all of them, we decided to post only the Top 30. We are hitting the point where we can no longer post ever single entry as we are running out of resources. This will become a new policy for SotM challenges, whenever we receive more then 30 submissions, only the top 30 will be posted. We hope you folks will understand.

TOP 30

  1. Dennis Ruck

  2. Fox-IT Management Team

  3. Redhive Labs

  4. Eloy Paris

  5. Nick DeBaggis

  6. Chan Chun Fai

  7. Erik Cabetas

  8. Tyler Hudak


  10. NCSU

  11. NST-NDCA

  12. Yoann Le Corvic

  13. Peter Mc Laughlin

  14. Charley Pfaff

  15. Jason Scheuerman

  16. Marc Bayerkohler

  17. Daniel Sedory

  18. Bill Moylan

  19. Bob Mathews

  20. Fox-IT Technical Team

  21. Nicola Gatta

  22. Jeff Craig

  23. Josh Berghouse

  24. Albert Bendicho

  25. Jeff Wichman

  26. Derek Marcotte

  27. John Henry

  28. Artjom Grudnitsky

  29. Azzazzin

  30. Barbara Pease

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