The Reverse Challenge


I spent about 70 hours working on this analysis incuding the time for writing the report. At an annual salary of $70,000 the hour rate is approximately $33.65 an hour.
     Salary       70 hr @ $35.65 = $2,355.77   +/- 15%  $355.37
     Benifits             28%    = $  659.62   +/- 15%  $ 98.94
     -------                       ---------            -------
     Total                         $3,015.38            $452.31

     Range                         $2,563.08 - $3,467.69
This does not include time for reinstalling the system, but this is only an hour or two and falls well within the 15% range. I have been programming seriously for about ten years, using mostly C, FORTRAN and Perl. I have acted as system administrator informally at several location for short periods of time. For the last 3 years I have been maintaining the gateway and security for the company I currently working with. I have been following security interests for the last six years.