The Reverse Challenge


   File                   Contents
   index.html             Index of files/directories submitted
                          (including any not listed below)

   timestamp.html         Timestamp of MD5 checksums of all files
                          listed and submitted (dating when produced
                          -- see deadline information below)

   summary.html           The summary for a non-technical audience, such
                          as management or media.

   advisory.html          Advisory for a technical audience, such as
                          administrators and incident handlers within
                          your organization.

   analysis.html          Details showing how you obtained your analysis,
                          showing tools and methods used.
        command.html          Details of the command layout.
        test.html                Results of testing the executable.
   answers.html           Answers to the questions listed above.

   costs.html             Incident cost-estimate.

   files.tar              contains various output and program files.  
                          The following lists all of the contents.

   files/dns_ips.txt      list of ip addresses used in the DNS attacks.

   files/dns_packets.txt  dump of all 9 different types of DNS packets 
                          used by the program.

   files/dns2.c           uncompiled" form of function at 8049564

   files/extract          program to extract a particular function from 
                          the disassembly listing.
   files/functionize      program to break a raw disassembly listing into 
                          individual functions.        

   files/mk_ip            program to convert binary data to IP addresses.
   files/sp               sendpacket - program to send commands to the binary.

   files/strings_output.txt    output of strings program on binary.

   files/tel              a simple telnet replace for talking to a shell spawned 
                          by the binary.