The Reverse Challenge: Summary


Security Incident Report

Date: Friday, May 31,2002


In early May 2002, CSIRT received a report of a site finding a new distributed denial of service (DDOS) tool that is being called "the-binary". The purpose of the tool is to enable attackers to utilize an Internet connected system to launch denial of service attacks against one or more target systems. It also provides the attacker a backdoor to the compromised system, allowing a complete remote control of it.

Communication to the media

Unfortunately some of our systems have been involved in an attack to other companies and the media has some information about it.

Employee should be aware that no communcation to the media should be done but the one provided by our Press Office. In case of being contacted directly by the media, employees should redirect them to our Press Office.

Our Press Office will express our will to collaborate with the authorities to investigate the incident and we will provide them with any required data while preserving business confidential information.


There is a cost estimation of the incident that shows a high economical impact. Actions should be taken to avoid future incidents like this since the countermeasures are more afordable than the impact.

The Security Department will start implementing the countermeasures immediately and report to the CIO. An advisory has been issued to help them.

Authors: G. Martin, J. Ortiz, D. Perez, R.Siles. CSIRT Contact Information


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