Files for the Reverse Engineering Challenge

The following files make up our submission for the Honeynet Project's reverse engineering challenge:

index.html This index of files/directories submitted
timestamp.html Timestamp of MD5 checksums of all files listed and submitted
summary.html The summary for a non-technical audience, such as management or media
advisory.html Advisory for a technical audience
analysis.html Details showing how we obtained our analysis, showing tools and methods used
answers.html Answers to the reverse engineering challenge questions
costs.html Incident cost-estimate
files Other files produced during analysis (includes our controller program, packet decoder, and perl scripts for identifying standard functions in the statically linked binary).

All files were prepared by a team from the Computer Privacy and Security (CoPS) Lab at the University of North Texas. The team members are Steve Tate, Vandana Gunupudi, Sandeep Nijsure, and Sachin Joglekar.