Index of files

by Albert Bendicho ( Student at the "" university.

The files that form this entry to the Honeynet Reverse Challenge are;

   File                   Contents
   index.html             This file
   timestamp.html         Timestamp of MD5 checksums of all files
                          listed and submitted

   summary.html           The summary for a non-technical audience, such
                          as management or media.

   advisory.html          Advisory for a technical audience, such as
                          administrators and incident handlers within
                          your organization.

   analysis.html          Details showing how you obtained your analysis,
                          showing tools and methods used.
   answers.html           Answers to the questions.

   costs.html             Incident cost-estimate.

   files.tar              Here you'll find an assembly listing and the 
                          ".idb" file created with IdaFree. There's also
                          the-binary-dressed, as generated by "dress"
   extras/prepare-patch   A shell script used to patch "the-binary"
   extras/encrypt.c       A C Program used to generate "pakets" for a
                          patched binary reading pakets from stdin
   extras/dumppak.c       A C program used to decrypt "encrypted" 
                          packets saved in tcpdump binary format