Honeynet Project Reverse Challenge

Matt Messier, Bob Fleck, John Viega

Secure Software, Inc.

advisory.htmlAdvisory for a technical audience, such as administrators and incident handlers within our organization.
analysis.htmlDetails showing how we obtained our analysis, showing tools and methods used.
answers.htmlAnswers to the questions for the challenge.
costs.htmlIncident cost-estimate.
files.tarOther files produced during analysis and/or excerpts (e.g., strings output or disassembly listings) from analysis (see below).
index.htmlIndex of files/directories submitted (this file).
summary.htmlThe summary for a non-technical audience, such as management or media.
timestamp.htmlTimestamp of MD5 checksums of all files listed and submitted (dated when produced).

the-binary.idbThe final IDA 4.20 database for the-binary, including comments, renamed functions and variables, etc.
the-binary.asmDisassembly of the-binary produced by IDA 4.20
the-binary.cC source code for the-binary produced manually by analyzing the disassembly produced by IDA 4.20
the-binary.hA C header file containing definitions required by the-binary.c
iptable.hA C header file containing the table of hard-coded IP addresses used by the-binary
the-client.cC source code for the-client, a program developed by Messier, Fleck, and Viega to control the-binary