Cost Analysis: The HoneyNet Project Reverse Challenge 2002

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Cost-Estimate for this incident

1. Cost calculation

I spent 75 hours analysing the-binary, creating tools and writing this report. The standard annual wage of $70,000 comes to $33.65 per hour. I have allowed one day for the system to be reinstalled with a network scan for other affected hosts is conducted and coordination of the removal of the-binary from other infected hosts.

Workers costs
Incident Investigator75$33.65$2523.75$2902.31$2145.17
Benefits @ 28%$782.02$899.32$676.02
Total Labour costs$3574.95$4111.21$3090.39
Median costs +- 15%$3574.95+-15%

2. Background information

Programming experience: 6 years
Systems Administration: 3 years
Security: ~1 year

I began programming around 1993, and started a Computer Systems Engineering degree at the University of South Australia in 1996. After changing to a Computer Science degree I finished my Bachelor at the end of 2001.

During my University course I worked part time at the University of South Australia as a Unix systems administrator, and also did some contract systems administration for various companies.

Around 1998 I took up a contract as part of a team doing programming for a wool bale processing machine in C++. I eventually began working for one of the other people involved in the project, as they owned a company named Tellurian.

Tellurian work on cool software for a variety of platforms, including Unix, MacOS and Windows. I worked at Tellurian as a programmer until near the end of 2001, when I started work at Adelaide University.

I currently work at Adelaide University as a Unix Systems Administrator, managing large and small systems running Solaris, Linux, and various other flavours of Unix.