Cost Estimate

The time taken for this analysis includes writing my own tools, researching on the web, performing the analysis and writing the reports. As I now have tools and processes in place and ready, future reverse engineering attempts would take much less time.

Hours Cost/Hr. Total +15% -15%
Investigation 80 $33.65 $2692 $3096 $2288
Benefits @ 28% $754 $867 $641
Total Labor Cost $3446 $3963 $2929
Median Cost +/- 15% $3446 +/- $517
Table 1. Worker's Cost Estimate


I am a linux advocate and a reluctant programmer (I love the sun too much). I have run and administered a home linux system since 1995, but have no official system administration experience. I have 3 years professional programming experience, and now have a total of 80 hours of security experience. My programming interests include reverse engineering file formats and computer communications, which helped in this analysis.