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One of the primary ways we can help improve the security of the Internet is by sharing with you, the community, what we have learned about security threats, and how we have learned it. Here you can find both our Know Your Enemy and Individual series of whitepapers and publications.

NOTE: The Honeynet Project makes no warranties about the concepts or content discussed in these papers.

Know Your Enemy Whitepapers
The Know Your Enemy (KYE) series of papers is dedicated to describing the concepts and technology of the Honeynet Project and Research Alliance and sharing the lessons we have learned. Our goal is for this information to improve the security of the Internet. Each paper topic must be first approved by our internal Review Board, then all drafts go through a five week review process. You can download the papers and read them offline, or read translated papers here. All KYE papers are under the Creative Commons License.

rule Individual Whitepapers
In addition to the KYE papers, we have another resource for whitepapers, the Individual Papers section. This section has links to all the papers written by individual members of the Alliance and Honeynet Project. These papers do not go through any formal review process within the Honeyent Project and Alliance. Instead, they are the work of the individual author and fall under their own respective copyright and license.

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