Know Your Enemy:
Honeywall CDROM

Bootable GenII Honeynet Gateway

Honeynet Project and Research Alliance
Last Modified: 17 May, 2005

The purpose of the Honeywall CDROM is to automate the installation and maintenance of a honeynet. The Honeynet Project and Research Alliance have released two versions of the Honeywall CDROM. The first version Eeyore was released in May, 2003 and was based on GenII (second generation) technology. This was a prototype with limited functionality and is no longer supported. The new version Roo was released in May, 2005 and is based on GenIII (third generation) technology. This advanced version has vastly improved hardware support, administration capabilities, and data analysis functionality. You can learn more about each release in their respective KYE papers.

The Honeynet Project