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The Honeynet Project is an international, non-profit organization made up of Chapters from around the world. Below you will find details on our overall structure, including directors, officers, Chapters and our membership. If you are interested in becoming involved, or starting your own Chapter, please contact [email protected].

Last Updated: 02 April 2008

Overall Structure
As a legal 501c3 entity incorporated in the United States, the Honeynet Project structure follows the same format as many other non-profit corporations. We have a Board of Directors that is elected for a three year term by the Full-Membership. The BOD then appoints officers to run the day to day activities. Officers create their own committee to help advise them in these day to day activities. To help maintain governance of our membership around the world, all members belong to a local Chapter. To learn more about our structure and governance model please review our organizational bylaws.


Board of Directors
The Board of Directors are elected by Full-Members of the Honeynet Project. They have overall responsibility and authority for the organization. They are responsible for long term strategy and policy of the organization. Directors serve a three year, staggered term.

Ron Dodge
Jan, 2011
Max Kilger
Jan, 2010
Markus Koetter Jan, 2009
Ralph Logan Jan, 2010
Lance Spitzner
Jan, 2010
Camilo Viecco
Jan, 2011
David Watson
Jan, 2009

rule Officers
Officers are appointed by the Board of Directors. They are responsible for the day to day operations of the organization. A Director may also be an officer of the organization.

Chief Executive Officer
Lance Spitzner
Chief Technology Officer
Markus Koetter
Chief Legal Officer Camilo Viecco
Chief Research Officer David Watson
Chief Membership Officer
Max Kilger
Chief Financial Officer
Ron Dodge
Chief Public Relations Officer
Ralph Logan

rule Chapters
The Honeynet Project is based on an international Chapter model. Chapters are smaller, self governed entities that help us manage the global structure of our organization. Each Chapter is made up of Full-Members and Contributors. Full-Members are trusted members of the Honeynet Project that have the authority to vote on all Honeynet Project related issues. Contributors are members of the public that work with their local Chapter, but are not official members of the Honeynet Project. Below we list our current Chapters and their Full-Members. A Full-Member is required to be associated with a Chapter. You can learn more about any Chapter by simply clicking on the link to their own website.

Brazilian Chapter
Chapter Lead: Antonio Montes
Full-Members: Antonio Montes, Klaus Steding-Jessen
Contributors: Cristine Hoepers, Ph.D., Marcelo H. P. C. Chaves, M.Sc.

Chicago Chapter
Chapter Lead: Lance Spitzner
Full-Members: Lance Spitzner, Paul Neff, Bring Engert, Kirby Kheul, Mike Davis

Chinese Chapter
Chapter Lead: Jianwei Zhuge
Full-Members: Jianwei Zhuge, Chengyu Song

Costa Rica Chapter
Chapter Lead: Jose Bogarin Solano
Full-Members: Jose Bogarin Solano

German Chapter
Chapter Lead: Thorsten Holz
Full-Members: Thorsten Holz

Global Chapter
Chapter Lead: Ralph Logan
Full-Members: Ralph Logan, Jed Haile, Nicholas Fishbach, Niels Provos, William Salusky, Jeff Nathan, Patrick Mccarty, Dragos Ruiu, Fyodor, Camilo Viecco, Earl Sammons, Ed Balas, Dave Dittrich

Georgia Tech Chapter
Chapter Lead: Chris Lee
Full-Members: Chris Lee

Giraffe Chapter
Chapter Lead: Markus Koetter
Full-Members: Markus Koetter, Paul Baecher, Tillmann Werner, Georg Wicherski

Hawaii Chapter
Chapter Lead: Ryan Talabis
Full-Members: Ryan Talabis, Anton Chuvakin

Mexican Chapter
Chapter Lead: Miguel Hernandez y Lopez
Full-Members: Hugo Gonzalez Robledo, Miguel Lopez

New Zealand Chapter
Chapter Lead: Christian Seifert
Full-Members: Christian Seifert, Russell Fulton, Ramon Steenson

Norwegian Chapter
Chapter Lead: Einar Oftedal
Full-Members: Einar Oftedal, Tor Inge Skaar

Pakistan Chapter
Chapter Lead: Faiz Ahmad Shuja
Full-Members: Faiz Ahmad Shuja

Portugal Chapter
Chapter Lead: Pedro Inacio
Full Members: Pedro Inacio

Spanish Chapter
Chapter Lead: Diego Gonzalez
Full-Members: Raul Siles

UK Chapter
Chapter Lead: David Watson
Full-Members: David Watson, Steve Mumford, Arthur Clune, Jamie Riden

UNAM Chapter
Chapter Lead: David Jimenez
Full-Members: David Jimenez

UNCC Chapter
Chapter Lead: Napoleon Paxton
Full-Members: Max Kilger, Napoleon Paxton

West Point Chapter
Chapter Lead: Ron Dodge
Full-Members: Ron Dodge, Rob McMillen

rule New Probationary Chapters
These are new Chapters that have no Full-Members.

Alaskan Chapter
Chapter Lead: Chris Hecker

Philippine Chapter
Chapter Lead: Anthony Salazar

Singapore Chapter
Chapter Lead: Cecil Su

Malaysian Chapter
Chapter Lead: Meling Mudin

Czech Chapter
Chapter Lead: David Vorel

Australian Chapter
Chapter Lead:Shaun Vlassis

Canadian Chapter
Chapter Lead:Ali Ghorbani

rule Alumns
These are individuals who were Full-Members in the past, but no longer had the time or resources to continue active contribution. We greatly appreciate the efforts of these oustanding individuals, the Honeynet Project would not exist today without their hard work.

Ofir Arkin
Jay Beale
Chris Brenton
Brian Carrier
George Chamales
Mike Clark
Eric Cole
JD Glaser
Frank Heidt
Shane Macaulay
Kevin Mandia
Stuart McClure
John McDonald
Tim Newsham
Rain Forest Puppy
Darren Reed
Mike Schiffman
Saumil Shah
Edward Skoudis
Dug Song
Jeff Stutzman
Anne Tenholder
Max Vision

rule Founding Directors
These are individuals were the original Board of Directors that helped form the organization in our early, less formal days. These people were critical to the formation of the organization.

Jennifer Granick
Alfred Huger
Georg Kurtz
Marty Roesch
Richard Salgado
Bruce Schneier

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