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Our Book
Know Your Enemy

Know Your Enemy, 2nd Edition is a total re-write from the original, resulting in over 700 pages of detailed information and examples. We cover everything from how to deploy the latest honeynet technology, to analyzing the data they collect and what we have learned. Each chapter is written by individuals who specialize in that area. For example, forensic material is written by Brian Carrier and Rob Lee, profiling by social pychologist Max Kilger, and legal issues by Richard Salgado of the Department of the Justice. Included is a companion CDROM that has the tools, data, and examples for you to use and learn from. All proceeds from the book help fund honeynet research. Read reviews by IEEE Security, LinuxJournal, Richard Bejtlich, Thomas Duff, Robert Slade, and Ben Rothke!

NOTE: Amazon has not updated the reviews of our book, as they contain both the old reviews from the first edition, and the new reviews for our second edition.

Example Chapters:

Table of Contents: Listing of chapters found in the book.
Preface: The actual Preface found in the book.
Foreward: Foreward by Bruce Schneier.
Chapter 8: Read the legal chapter, written by Richard Salgado of the Department of Justice.
Chapter 16: Read the profiling chapter, which attempts to get into the minds and motives of many of today's threats.
Author Bios: Learn who the authors are, their experiences, background, and skills.



Chp 16:

  • Eric S. Raymond was misspelled twice on page 507 (apologies Mr. Raymond :)
Chp 20:
  • On page 664, Figure 20-18 is incorrect, it was accidently reversed. The correct image should look like this. An alternative is to drink copious amounts of beer before analyzing the image in the book.

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